Over 1200 cubic metres of Sika watertight concrete and 1500 linear metres of Sikaswell P hydrophilic strip for construction joints have been used as a time and cost saving alternative to conventional membranes in the basement areas of the new stadium for MK Dons – now in an advanced stage of construction at Milton Keynes by Silverstone based Buckingham Group Contracting.

In a partnering arrangement between ready mixed concrete supplier Hanson Premix and admixture specialists Sika, formulation and production of the watertight concrete was closely monitored at the local Hanson Premix batching plant to produce a watertight solution to BS8102 waterproof grade 3 for the stadium’s entire basement structure comprising a fitness suite, hydrotherapy pool, changing rooms, showers and plant rooms.

Watertight integrity throughout the 26,000 square metres area was further ensured through the use of Sikaswell S, a gun applied hydrophilic adhesive sealant for watertight joints, pipe entry and other penetrations.

Below and above ground the MK Dons Stadium has many striking features. With its open concourse providing spectacular views of the pitch from all points, even when spectators leave their seats to visit trade concessions and the wide range of facilities provided, the stadium design allows them to remain in touch with what is happening on the field. A key element of the impressive two-tier 33,000 seat project, is the sunken pitch set at 5 metres below original ground level from which excavated material was used to form a 3 metre high bund. The formation of the lower bowl in clay enabled a unique shutter design to be developed for the seating terraces to be cast in situ with C40 concrete - also from the Hanson Premix plant.

Commenting on the use of watertight concrete in the basement application Buckingham Group Sub-Agent, Oran McClosky said:

“We selected the Sika option in preference to a membrane mainly on the basis of speed of installation and ease of use but also on overall economy. The contract as a whole has gone very well and is proceeding according to our expectations – including the basement area in which the Sika materials were used.”

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