Sika’s secret fix cladding adhesive is top choice for new college

As part of a new build extension at Loreto College, Manchester, it was decided that attractive ceramic cladding panels should be used to decorate a four storey high internal atrium. To ensure that the finish was entirely free of aesthetically disruptive visible fittings, SikaTack Panel Adhesive was used to ensure a smooth and flowing cladding surface.

Co-educational, Loreto College caters specifically for sixth form students. A Roman Catholic school that is open to members of other faiths, it has been praised for its successful educational philosophy and was the first school to be rated “Outstanding” on all fronts by Ofsted.

Bardsley Construction managed the extension of the school, whilst specialist contractor EJ Horrocks installed the ceramic panels, which were chosen for their good looks and durability. To hold the cladding firmly in place, SikaTack Panel Adhesive was chosen, used in conjunction with a cladding support system from Eurofox Engineering. Sika and Eurofox Engineering have worked together extensively in the past to deliver immaculate secret fixes and their products, both of which are BBA (British Board of Agrément) certified, provide a proven and efficient combination.

A central feature of the entrance hall to the school, the cladding spans across the entire reach of the atrium, four floors in all. In a marble white colour, it provides a striking and highly professional atmosphere that matches the aspirations of Loreto College. Covering a range of building services, the uninterrupted façade is a prime example of the aesthetic that can be attained through Sika’s remarkable secret fix system.

Unlike complex mechanical secret fixes, SikaTack Panel Adhesive requires no screws, bolts, clips or brackets but instead relies on the astonishing adhesive power of the remarkable bonding agent. As well as ceramic panels it works with a wide range of materials, including composites, high pressure laminates and cement based panels. It also works on the majority of metals and powder coated substrates.

The lack of mechanical fixings doesn’t cost SikaTack Panel Adhesive anything in reliability. Easier to install than many other mechanical secret fix systems, it is just as effective. Fully tested and accredited by the British Board of Agrément and DiBT, SikaTack Panel Adhesive has excellent dead weight capacities. It also reduces cold bridging, owing to the lack of metal parts and, as the bond is elastic, protects panels by allowing them to shift in line with normal building movements, easing stress on them.

Crucially, the system is very easily applied and is engineered for on site application. Following the cleaning of all surfaces, the operatives of EJ Horrocks applied a primer to all points of contact between the cladding panels and the Eurofox Engineering cladding support system. Sika Fixing Tape, a super strong double sided tape, is then applied to hold the panels in place whilst the SikaTack Panel Adhesive cures. Following the application of the adhesive, the cladding is installed for a long lasting and seamless finish.

With British Board of Agrément certification for its durability and resistance to the climate and fire as well as ISO9001 standard for Quality Management, SikaTack

Panel Adhesive offers not only an aesthetically pleasing but also a high grade addition to any façade, internal or external.

With architects and designers aspiring to the highest aesthetic standards in the modern built environment, especially with their benefits recognised in educational projects, materials such as SikaTack Panel Adhesive gives them a means to realise their vision. Also popular with operatives for its ease of installation, the remarkable system sets the standards for cladding fixing.

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