Sika provides window seal for community centre

As part of the £40 million new build Jewish Care Campus in Golders Green, London, architects P+HS, who were commissioned with the detailed design for the design and build project, needed to create an air and watertight envelope. To ensure no condensation or atmospheric penetration formed around the building‘s high performance windows, specialist contractor OCL, working with P+HS, specified the Sika Membran system, a highly effective synthetic rubber sealant from global manufacturer of building materials, Sika, to provide its advanced sealing and waterproofing.

The centre, built by main contractor Bowmer & Kirkland with concept designs by architects Levitt-Bernstein, will serve as the headquarters of Jewish Care, an organisation that provides support to elderly and vulnerable members of the Jewish community throughout the UK. The campus includes apartments for elderly residents and a full Mental Health centre. Alongside such pastoral services, the Jewish Care Campus includes a Community Day Centre and will run youth outreach programmes to ensure it caters for the needs of the entire community.

Central to the aesthetics and energy efficiency of the building were Velfac windows. Made from pine and protected externally with an aluminium powder coated trim, it was essential that the costly windows were well protected. To ensure the longevity of the frames and the substrate of the window openings, along with the creation of an air and watertight building envelope, specialist contractor OCL installed the Sika Membran system around the windows.

A synthetic rubber, Sika Membran is used for sealing and waterproofing all elements of curtain walling. It has a number of advantageous attributes - it is easily applied, economical, solvent free and suitable for uneven substrates. Highly elastic, the system has a proven track record of over a decade in its reliable sealing capabilities.

To ensure a secure bond, OCL fixed the Sika Membran in place with Sikabond TF Plus N. An ultra-strong and versatile adhesive, it is suitable for bonding a wide variety of construction materials, including powder coated aluminium. Sikabond TF Plus N provides an extremely durable and waterproof bond that, like Sika Membran, is solvent free and removes any requirements for secondary mechanical fixing.

Application of the Sika Membran system couldn’t be easier. Sikabond TF Plus N was applied in linear beads to the aluminium window frames. The 300mm wide Sika Membran was then roller applied over it, spreading the adhesive below. Following the fixing of the windows, the membrane left hanging over the window frames was folded backwards and bonded to the building substrate Sikabond TF Plus N. This forms an airtight seal between window frame and building where no condensation can gather.

With the use of the easily applied, economic and exceptionally cost effective Sika Membran system, the wellbeing of the newly built Jewish Care Campus and its Velfac windows has been ensured for years to come. It stands as yet another example of Sika’s ingeniousness and know how providing simple – yet effective – solutions to complex problems.

Expected to be the largest care centre of its kind in Europe, the campus is ideally situated in the heart of the Jewish community in Golders Green. Providing specialised services with a focus on the cultural, religious and historic needs of clients alongside providing first class care, it is set to become a vibrant and integral part of Jewish life in London.

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