Sika launches complete online roofing specification tool

Leading manufacturer of single ply roofing systems, Sika-Trocal, has launched SikaSpec, the industry’s most comprehensive online system for the creation of flat roofing specifications.

SikaSpec has been designed with the aim of providing specifiers, main contractors, Sika-Trocal Licensed Contractors and Sika-Trocal’s own area technical managers, with an easy way of creating specifications, no matter how complex the project. With the ability to select from a comprehensive database of products, the system - available in two options, SikaSpec Basic and SikaSpec Pro - offers the ability to create specifications that are tailored to a project’s exact requirements and written to achieve the desired U-value.

SikaSpec Pro provides users with the most comprehensive online roofing specification tool currently available. Not limited to Sika-Trocal products, the system is the result of significant investment and collaboration with a host of industry leading product manufacturers. This includes Tata (formerly Corus), Kingspan, Knauf, EcoTherm, Celotex, Recticel, Brett Martin, Xtralite and Latchways to name but a few. Combined with Sika-Trocal’s own product information, the system enables users to create highly detailed and accurate specifications that encompass all elements of the roof. Where the roofing components are not supplied by Sika-Trocal, users specify from the database of major brands, select a generic solution or select a preferred 'equal or approved' supplier to create their precise specification.

SikaSpec Pro, which is completed in just 8 simple steps, allows users to specify up to three different roof areas on the same building, making it ideal for even the most complex project.

For more straightforward projects there is SikaSpec Basic. This version enables users an ultra quick way of creating a standard flat roof specification in just 3 simple steps - type of roof construction, attachment method and length of guarantee required.

Each option is completed via a series of menu driven online steps. At the end of the process, users receive an electronic specification document. Specifications are also saved in password protected user accounts, enabling easy future access and the ability for users to create a portfolio of preferred roof specifications.

Providing users with considerable time savings, SikaSpec is supported with ongoing development to ensure it meets any changes in building regulations and legislation. It is also updated with product changes, development and additions to maintain its position as the most comprehensive online roofing specification system that is currently available. Future additions will include the creation of a mobile app for the Apple iPad and iPhone and the ability for users to specify specific fasteners.

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