Sika Fills in at Weston-super-Mare Sea Defences

The £17m Weston-super-Mare Sea Defences and Seafront Enhancements project, undertaken by Birse Coastal, a division of Birse Civils, on behalf of North Somerset Council, has recently been completed. To eliminate water and salt ingress that over time could cause damage to the new structure, an innovative sealant system from global building product manufacturer Sika was chosen.

As part of the project, specialist contractor Fastglobe (Mastics) of Devizes was tasked with sealing the joints of the promenade paving as well as the concrete promenade wall and a sloping concrete verge. Left unsealed, these joints could let in water, salt and dirt which over time would result in possible damage. To eliminate this threat, they specified Sikaflex PRO-2HP, a high performance sealant that is designed for movement joints, and Sikaflex Construction a more cost effective general sealant.

Sikaflex includes a range of classic one part polyurethane sealants. Suitable for a wide variety of construction applications, from floor to facade sealing to civil engineering applications, Sikaflex has a 35 year plus track record. Cost effective, very versatile and easy to install on site, the range has been extensively tested for extension and compression and is designed with environmental exposure in mind.

Having used and been impressed by Sika’s products, technical support and customer services in the past, Fastglobe specified Sikaflex PRO-2HP for the sealing of the expansion joints between the paving slabs and the expansion joints in the dwarf walls, and Sikaflex Construction for sealing of the joints between the ‘TEX’ concrete sloping verge, the ‘tex’ concrete being a deterrent to stop pedestrians walking on it.

Tested to BS.EN 9047 Sikaflex PRO-2HP has a movement capability of +-70%, making it ideal for the paving on the promenade which may be subject to a high degree of movement. Available in 10 colours, Fastglobe specified dark grey colour to blend with the new Chinese granite promenade paving.

Like all of the Sikaflex range, Sikaflex PRO-2HP offers exceptional weather and ageing resistance, making it ideal for the promenade which would be subject to the extremes of the British weather and is repairable ensuring that as and when the pier requires minor, ongoing repairs and maintenance, the sealant won’t need replacing.

For the sloping concrete verge, a ‘TEX’ concrete system was chosen. This features sea-dredged aggregates and has a decorative finish that is created by spraying the wet concrete with a retardant agent and then washing off. For sealing the joints, Sikaflex Construction was used.

A versatile sealant that has been designed for general construction applications, Sikaflex Construction will help to ensure the decorative concrete wall is undamaged by ingress from the elements.

Chosen for their sublime resistance to withstand dirt, chemical and especially water attack, Sika’s sealant products will ensure the longevity of the paving and wall of the new promenade. Cost effective and high performing, Sikaflex Construction and Sikaflex PRO-2HP have together played a vital part in maintaining the sea defences of Weston-super-Mare.

Illustrating the diversity of the Sika product range, Sika concrete admixtures were also used on the project, incorporated into concrete that was pumped 400m along the pier, whilst a Sarnafil waterproofing system was installed on the pier’s steel buoyancy platforms, terrace and balcony areas.

For further information on a range of Sika’s products visit, or for general enquiries, including technical, on or off site support, please call 0800 1123863.

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