Sika watertight concrete in the basement areas of the Klondyke Group’s new £6 million Houghton Hall Garden Centre near Carlisle is being used to protect an extensive collection of miniature furnished rooms soon to go on permanent display in a purpose built gallery at the recently completed flagship centre.

Constructed to Grade 3 of BS 8102 by main contractors RH Irving Construction the 3.5 metres deep watertight basement was built around a slab of 1050 Square metres of which the gallery will occupy an area of 200 square metres.

Over 600 cubic metres of Sika watertight concrete containing 4,500 litres of Sika 1 and 2,000 litres of Sikament 10 high performance admixtures were supplied from the local ready mix concrete production plant of Hanson Premix. By reducing water addition to the mix through the introduction of the powerful Sika water-reducing admixture and blocking remaining pores with a colloidal silicate pore blocker the required level of decreased permeability was achieved. As a further measure, close cooperation between technicians from Sika and Hanson Premix was maintained throughout formulation and batching to ensure that the precious World in Miniature would be safely housed. To complete the comprehensive Sika watertight system solution, Sikaswell S-2 hydrophilic sealant was used on construction joints and for fixing Sika Injectoflex Type HP hoses. SikaDur-Combiflex high performance joint and crack sealing system and SikaDur 31 thixotropic epoxy adhesive were also deployed.

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