Significant Reduction in CO2 Emissions Commended At Saint Gobain PAM UK's Howell Site

Iron technology leader Saint-Gobain PAM UK, part of leading materials group Saint-Gobain, has celebrated the environmental achievements of the cupola furnace installation at its Holwell site in Melton Mowbray.


The company has completed phase three of the project, which saw the installation of a high-performance heat exchanger to recover waste heat from combustion gases, dramatically reducing emissions as a result. Energy generated by the heat exchanger will be used to re-heat input air to the furnace.


Peter Hindle MBE, Saint Gobain General Delegate to the UK, Ireland and South Africa, presented the site with a Delegation Green Award for the exemplary results achieved over the past year, which include an annual reduction of CO2 emissions by  2,200 tonnes, alongside a 250 tonne reduction in the consumption of quarried limestone.


Other successes surrounding the cupola furnace include the installation of a dry bag filter system, which has seen emissions reduced by 99 per cent. As a result, emissions are now less than 0.3kg per tonne of castings, while the company has reduced site water use by 63 per cent and electricity by 9 per cent.


Stewart Nicholas, Site Director at Holwell for Saint-Gobain PAM UK, commented: “The investment in the cupola furnace’s heat recovery system has reduced CO2 emissions enormously and is just one example of our business ethos, which has minimising our environmental impact at its heart. These measures will pave the way for further developments in optimising energy use, reducing gas consumption, use of low level waste heat and the recycling of collected particulates. We believe creating and setting a green agenda is an important part of any successful business.


“In addition to demonstrating our passion for developing a business that has minimal impact on the environment, our achievements in Holwell illustrate our commitment to maintaining a UK manufacturing base. Our site near Melton Mowbray provides a truly local service to UK customers, employing 140 people creating high-spec products from locally sourced scrap metals, removing the supply chain delays which can occur with imported products.”

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