Sigma50 steels the show

Due to popular demand from designers and architects  alike, Geberit have introduced the Sigma50 dual flush plate in stainless steel that joins its existing range of best selling flush plates, now available in seven finishes. The new Sigma50 plate creates a clean, minimal look that’s currently so fashionable in both commercial and domestic bathrooms.

The flush plate has become a hot favourite with the design world because of its pared-down, geometric styling. The plate’s unobtrusive profile and large, clearly defined buttons allows designers and architects to create a seamless contemporary look with no extraneous details.

In conjunction with Geberit’s pioneering UP320 concealed cistern, the Sigma50 flush plate is the only visible element of the system, with all other plumbing components concealed neatly behind the wall.

As well as its catwalk looks, the flush plate has been designed to offer the option of dual flush when used in conjunction with 6-litre full flush and a 3-litre single flush cisterns, significantly conserving water compared to standard flush mechanisms, without compromising on performance.

The Sigma50 flush plate is also be available in white, black, pergamon, green, smoked glass or in bespoke finishes tailored to individual requirements.

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