Sierra opens access to the second time replacement market with rapid service on non-standard foils

Sierra has launched a new rapid turnaround service on non-standard foiled products with product dispatch in as little as 14-days of receipt of orders.  

Available across its product offering from this month, Sierra is able to offer a choice of 19 colours including cream, black, grey or even dual colour finishes, allowing installers to mix and match external and internal finishes.

Brian Webb, Sierra, argued that this new flexibility would support access to the second time replacement market. “The market is maturing and that raises challenges for all of us. It’s becoming increasingly unusual to come across a first time replacement in a non-period property.”

He continued: “We need to recognise that we’re now moving towards a market dominated by second time replacements and aesthetics and particularly foils will play a far bigger part in accessing it.”

This supported by Sierra’s own consumer research. This revealed that combined, while security and energy efficiency also featured highly, aesthetics were the single biggest driver for window and door replacement. 

Webb added: “The consumer research largely matches what we have been seeing go through the factory floor. When asked their preference, those householders polled listed in order white wood grain, cream and antique oak as their preferred choices.

“Wood grains have always sold well for us and our customers and it’s encouraging that Irish oak, which is a comparatively recent addition seems to have appeal. We have also seen a lot of cream product go through the factory and white wood grain also has significant reach.

“It’s the immediately tangible part of an advanced technical offer, a foot in the door on which the other benefits of replacement windows – energy efficiency and enhanced security – can be sold to the end user.”

For more information on Sierra, its product range and installer support programme visit or call 0808 1783455.

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