A new shower toilet which is an essential addition to any bathroom catering for the needs of disabled and elderly persons has been launched.

The Balena 8000 AP Care has been developed by Geberit, leading manufacturer of plumbing and drainage technologies, to improve the quality of life of people who have difficulty using a conventional WC.

Often those with limited mobility have to rely on assistance and the feeling of losing their privacy frequently causes embarrassment and can significantly affect their general well-being. The Balena 8000 Care shower toilet can put a stop to this and will help many to live independently and regain their dignity. The contemporary design of the Geberit shower toilet ensures it fits beautifully in both domestic and institutional bathrooms without ever looking out of place.

It combines all the functions of a conventional WC and bidet with the comfort of warm air drying and odour extraction. Other features include the ability to select a variety of settings, which can be adjusted to suit individual users’ needs, and a strengthened seat which is ideal for side transfer from a wheelchair. An optional soft seat is also available which has been designed to fit perfectly onto the existing seat and ensures extra comfort when required. The shower toilet can be installed at a comfortable height to ease side transfer or simply to make it easier to stand up. The new Balena 8000 Care shower toilet is also virtually hands-free. The infra-red remote on the shower toilet can be programmed to be activated by movement, starting an automatic sequence of washing, drying and automatic flushing of the WC.

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