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The number of disabled people in Britain is growing, with one in six now having a longstanding illness, disability or infirmity and significant difficulty with day-to-day activities. There is therefore a growing rationale to provide appropriate toilet facilities, especially in public environments, to simultaneously help them participate in daily life, increase their visits, and therefore spending.

Latest figures from the Office for Disability Issues show the disabled population of Britain has risen over ½ million, to 10.8m, in the past five years alone, with issues of mobility, manual dexterity and continence- all of which impact on our ability and need to toilet- showing corresponding increases.

Further, under latest British Standards (BS8300:2009 design of buildings & their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people, and BS6465-4 2010 code of practice for the provision of public toilets) it is now ‘good practice’ to install a Changing Places toilet.

Larger than a conventional accessible toilet, a Changing Places toilet includes a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench, hoist, peninsular toilet with room either side for the carers, screen or curtain to allow the disabled person and carer some privacy, wide tear off paper roll to cover the bench, a large waste bin for disposable pads, a non-slip floor and a washbasin, preferably height adjustable.

Already over 300 Changing Places toilets have been installed across the UK, enabling disabled people to participate in day-to-day life, through the efforts of the Changing Places campaign, sponsored by leading disabled toileting solutions provider Total Hygiene. Major shopping malls The Trafford Centre in Manchester and WestQuay in Southampton are among those who acknowledge the benefit of catering for all….

Andy Bates, customer services manager at The Trafford Centre, explained, “The Centre was designed with disabled toilets in the shopping malls, but we pride ourselves on listening to our customers, and we had received comments that such a facility would be appreciated in The Orient. It was our own staff experience, a lot of research, and listening to those customers, that focused us on Total Hygiene and its solutions, and user testimony is reinforcing we made the right choice.”

Adds Robin Tuffley, Total Hygiene marketing manager, “We go to the toilet on average eight times a day. Research shows people make a conscious decision NOT to visit somewhere if they think they cannot toilet in clean and appropriate facilities. It is logical that they will also make a conscious decision to go somewhere where they know they can go to the toilet with peace of mind.”

Total Hygiene ( was chosen as sponsor of the Changing Places campaign because of its synergy with the concept. The company is the UK’s biggest and longest-established supplier of disabled toileting solutions, from simple grab rails to the Clos-o-Mat ‘wash and dry’ toilet which eliminates the need for manual cleansing by toileter or carer. The provision of equipment is complimented by in-house design, supply, installation and service & maintenance packages.

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