Shatterproof Lighting Smashes FEP Standard for Food Industry Lamps

The range of shatterproof fluorescent tubes for the food industry from Greenstock uses shatterproof FEP coating rated over 50,000 hours, well in excess of the minimum service life required for the Commission Regulation (EC) No 242/2009 and IEC 61549 regulations.

The new regulation IEC 61549 which came into effect in April 2010 requires all shatterproof lamp coatings to have a service life of at least 16,000 hours when operated with high frequency control gear. The new legislation requires all FEP coated lamps to have a single band so it can be easily identified. Single banded lamps are recognised by the British Retail Consortium. 

The industry compliant FEP material coating provides glass fragment protection designed to contain glass and other hazardous materials if a breakage was to occur. The coating is UV stable and operates at temperatures in excess of 200°C, making it ideal for use in the food production and food retail industry.

The FEP coating from Greenstock prevents the risk of breakage occurring during routine maintenance where a mishandling incident can cause un-coated tubes to shatter and result in contamination.

Many of Greenstock customers are using AURA long life tubes to protect the investment of the FEP coating. Aura manufacturer a range of florescent lamps that last 3 times longer than standard tubes.

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