Shadow cast over field PV arrays

DECC Minister, Greg Barker, commented in parliamentary questions this morning that the government had inherited a feed in tariff system that had failed to anticipate PV field arrays.  He said that, while the Government would not act retrospectively, large field arrays should “not be allowed to distort the market” for roof-mounted PV or other renewables.

The REA has issued a warning to potential investors in field arrays of the implications of this statement.

Gaynor Hartnell, Chief Executive of the Renewable Energy Association, said

“The Minister stated that the Government would not act retrospectively, so comfort can be gained that no project that starts generating will see its revenue diminished, but this statement is likely to worry potential investors in ground-mounted schemes. Those that have acted in good faith, and already made substantial investments on legal works and preparation of planning applications, will be feeling very uncomfortable indeed.  REA will now be seeking clarity on DECC policy for ground-mounted systems.

REA is pressing to engage collaboratively with government to agree a way forward which addresses both investors’ confidence and achieves a stable regime.  The REA’s over-riding desire is for a regime which supports sustainable growth for the emerging solar industry.  If done right, jobs will be created and manufacturing established."  

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