No stone left unturned in ensuring long term viability of historic pavement

A major project to reinstate 120,000 granite setts along Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile is now well underway in the Scottish capital with the help of admixtures developed by specialists Sika for bedding mortars, joint filling grout and bonding agents in conjunction with Scotash – a joint venture of Scottish Power and Lafarge Cement.

The pre blended Sika Trojan Bedding Mortar and Sika Trojan Joint Filling Grout, were mixed and tested on site to provide a low shrinkage, high strength and durable solution to the bedding and grouting of the cleaned and re-graded original setts and – with the help of specialist equipment – to maintain consistent standards of quality control throughout the project. Key to the viability and long term resistance of the restored paving system to predicted increased traffic loading was the high flow characteristic of the joint filling grout in enabling the material to flow readily around the setts – filling all voids and bonding the system together.

Throughout the project a significant working partnership involving City of Edinburgh Council engineers, main contractors – Land Engineering, consulting engineers – Proficio Technology, ready mixed concrete suppliers – Hanson Premix and pavement system components manufacturers – Sika, ensured close and continuous cooperation on all aspects of the contract.

Despite pressures arising from a variety of commercial issues affecting transport and trade at the epicentre of the city’s tourist activity, literally, no stone was left unturned in ensuring the most satisfactory outcome of combining 21st century technology with historic and environmental need. To facilitate this process the street has been closed to through traffic since January. However, arrangements were made for work to stop during the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe (6 – 28 August) to enable visitors and local businesses to make the most of the Royal Mile at this busy time of year. Restarting in early September work is expected to last until early 2007. In the interim, another break will be taken to accommodate the city’s Winter Festival.

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Undercover work on historic pavement Land Engineering’s John Paterson and Olesja Prosoua apply Sika Trojan Joint Filling Grout to reinstated granite setts on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

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