Windowless golden art complex brightens up Seoul

Architectural firm MVRDV has completed ‘The Imprint’, an art entertainment complex less than a kilometre away from Seoul’s Incheon Airport. The windowless shimmery complex is split into two buildings, one featuring a nightclub and the other featuring an indoor theme park.

The Imprint is one building of a complex of 6 in total called ‘Paradise City’ and its uplifting facade brings a golden glow to Seoul’s urban landscape. The facade is constructed with 3869 glass-fibre reinforced concrete panels and its bright colour is achieved by golden paint which is illuminated at night. The facade is designed to look like a curtain and inside the complex features mirrored glass ceilings and glass floors, giving the building a theatrical aesthetic throughout the space.

To view more about this The Imprint click here

All image credits: Ossip van Duivenbode. Copyright: MVRDV 2018.





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