Sensational Style By Spectral Lighting With New Stora-Lk-Fabrik

Spectral Lighting ,part of the RIDI Group, has released the latest addition to its popular STORA range, the STORA-LK-FABRIK. Using an open, cylindrical shape, its uniquely textured, translucent fabric sides add a new design component to the Spectral offering. Pushing the boundaries of luminaire design by using new materials and textures cements Spectral’s position as a leader in architectural lighting.

“The new FABRIK version of our popular STORA LK ring offers a new level of creativity to an already effective and efficient light fitting,” says Jon Estell, Spectral’s UK Head of Design. “The fabric sides come in a variety of materials to create a soft, decorative feel, making it suitable for a range of applications and shows off our willingness to play with luminaire design.”

Despite its fabric sides, STORA-LK-FABRIK is both durable and efficient. The extruded aluminium body acts as a thermal control to the LEDs, keeping the temperature constant and the output optimised. Providing an impressive 6150 lumens from its array of LED boards, it is one of the most powerful luminaires available for general and breakout spaces.  

STORA-LK-FABRIK features continuous direct lighting from its uniform circular LED light channel. The added detail in this chandelier demonstrates the thought behind the design process. The drop suspension wires integrate the power cabling so there is no snaking cable dropping from the ceiling, keeping focus on the unique textured design.

As with the entire Spectral range, STORA-LK-FABRIK is customisable for individual projects allowing dimensions and colours to be adapted as per requirements. By investing in new LED production lines, Spectral has developed a second wave of LED technology to improve efficiency across all its luminaires but to also allow them greater design creativity. With greater freedom, Spectral continues to push the boundaries of luminaire design, fully embracing the possibilities that LED offers.

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