Senior's Support Local Fabricators

Choosing the right Systems Company to source Profiles can be a little bit of a hit and miss affair. Not only should Profiles be delivered in a timely manner to meet production schedules, but assistance in sourcing Projects should be a pre-requisite in today’s tough market. Senior Architectural Systems have been supporting their Fabricators by exhibiting at the UK’s major exhibitions such as Ecobuild, with the FIT show planned in 2013. Some of the smaller networking events can also be very worthwhile in support of local Fabricators, and with some very positive results...

There are several Associations and Enterprises who regularly hold small Regional Events around the UK. For Senior’s, these events provide a cost effective way of meeting the Specifier, discussing Projects and introducing local Fabricators to Specifiers. Whilst the Exhibitions are on a small scale, Projects discussed can be quite sizeable.

Steve Wightman, Senior’s Sales Director comments, “We have been attending these Regional Exhibitions for some time and they have proved to be very worthwhile for obtaining new business and enabling us to offer local leads for our Fabricators. We have just signed up to attend a further event in 2013 and, whilst we expect only forty or so delegates on any day event, we do get some quality leads. It’s definitely a ‘Local Exhibition for local people’ that benefits our ‘Local’ Installers!”

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