Senior's Split Box Efficiency

Low rise aluminium curtain wall systems have been with us for some time and whilst ‘split box’ curtain wall designs are not new - the split box ‘SCW+’ system has always been available from Senior's.

Carrying a CWCT test certificate, SCW+ offers a simple fabrication solution where frames are made up into ‘ladder’ assemblies in the fabrication workshop. Once delivered to site each ladder frame is installed, with the next ladder frame clipped and fixed into place alongside. Ideal for multi storey installations, a large facade can be quickly installed and glazed.

Despite the system being economical and efficient in design and installation, SCW+ also offers enhanced levels of insulation by means of a specially designed capping system and gasket arrangement. With frame values down to 2.2W/m2K and when coupled with high performance glazing the result is a reduced programme on site and increased ‘U’ values in use.

Senior's offer SCW+ from stock based in Doncaster, Newport and Livingston through a trained fabricator network across the UK backed up by a technical support team.

For further information about Seniors SCW+ system please visit the companies website at or by phoning Seniors Head Office in Doncaster on 01709 772600.

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