The creative industries are set to get a major new award scheme – the result of an initiative from The Built Environment Trust, owner of The Building Centre.

Colin Tweedy, chief executive of The Built Environment Trust, is launching a scheme aimed at recognising the vital individuals and organisations whose investment, initiation, networks and related support is vital for the growth of the creative sector.

His announcement of the Creative Industries Awards – whose honours are set to be called ‘Creative Sparks’ - comes in the same week as a report by the Greater London Authority shows architecture leading the way in growing the creative sector, which itself is arguably the fastest-growing part of British industry. 

The awards will build on Tweedy’s deep experience in arts sponsorship and administration. As head of Arts & Business for 28 years he built an awards scheme that became a key date in the calendar and which was vital in recognising and encouraging many of the key backers of the arts. The new scheme will be even broader in its reach, aiming to ‘give an inspiring insight into who and what matters in supporting and growing the creative industry’, says Tweedy, who plans for it to range from fine arts to engineering. ‘This sector is the fastest growing part of our economy, with estimates of it being around £90bn’ says Tweedy. ‘With the disruptions and doubts around our economy it has never been more important to recognise the key drivers – the individuals and organisations – who make our great achievements in creativity and the arts possible.’

More information on the awards, which are still in early development, will be posted here soon.

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