SeaCell: textile crafted from Icelandic algae

Manufactured by SmartfiberAG, SeaCell is a soft fabric crafted from a brown algae called known as Knotted Wrack, which is found in the Icelandic Fjords. After harvesting the raw algae, the plant’s cellulose is washed then dissolved in a solvent containing water. After this, the fabric is then spun through spinnerets to yield filaments. 

SeaCell fabric is both breathable and light; the material retains the antioxidant nutrients from the seaweed which when fashioned into items of clothing, increases the skin’s moisture content and protecting it from cell-damaging free radicals. The material is manufactured in an energy and resource-efficient processing using Modal technology. Due to the sustainable method of extraction, SeaCell fabric has been awarded the European Environmental Prize 2000  in the category "Sustainable Technologies" by the European Union.

To view more about the material, visit Smartfiber AG's website

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