SDS Leads the way with SUDS Code of Practice

Surface water management company SDS Ltd has recently taken an active role in drawing up the Code of Practice with the Water Research Centre (WRc) for the design of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).

SDS is part of the liaison group putting together a specification and maintenance for geocellular underground SUDS storage systems as a key document for those people designing systems to comply with legislation.

It’s been a process that’s been two years in the making and there is now a set of guidelines that all key stakeholders can adhere to for the efficient design of surface water drainage systems.

One of the first surface water management systems to comply with the new Code of Practice and which has been submitted for WRc approval is GEOlight PODS, produced by SDS. These pre-formed off-site drainage systems, using the advantage of GEOlight’s highly permeable modular structure, have a variety of applications where on-site fabrication can be kept to a minimum. The distribution pipe within the GEOlight pods provides easy maintenance and can be used as a replacement for traditional oversized pipe solutions commonly used for drainage infrastructure, so dispensing with costly and complicated pipe work configurations.

The GEOlight honeycombed modular structure itself has also been submitted for WRc approval under the new Code of Practice. These ultra lightweight structures made from recycled PVC are pre-formed units providing an underground storm water storage facility either for storm water attenuation or infiltration. The high compressive strength (up to 1000kN per m2) means that the units can be located under all roads, car parks and amenity area surfaces. Also the very high void rate (95%) minimises the required volume of earthworks so reducing excavation costs.

GEOlight’s environmental credentials are notable. Unlike other storm water management systems, GEOlight is made from fully recycled PVC and is UK manufactured so saving on transit to site and the net CO2 emissions reduction is close to some 110g of carbon on one cubic metre of GEOlight. The product is also approved under BREEAM, WRAP and NISP.

As the only UK provider offering complete surface water solutions from design, consultancy and manufacture through to installation and maintenance, SDS utilises storm water management, sustainable drainage, hard landscaping and linear drainage systems within its portfolio.

Further information is available from SDS Ltd., on 01934 751303, email: or by visiting the company’s website at

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