Scunthorpe Social Housing Residents Catch the Sun with Kingspan

St Catherines Mews - a contemporary social housing development in Scunthorpe comprising 14 new homes - has installed 360 Kingspan Renewables Thermomax solar thermal vacuum tube collectors to successfully meet level 4 under the Code for Sustainable Homes. 


A glowing example of sustainable housing, the project scooped ‘Best Social or Affordable Housing Development’ at the South Yorkshire & Humber local authorities’ Building Excellence Awards, with air source heat pumps and rainwater harvesting complementing the large solar thermal install.


Lincolnshire-based commercial renewable heating specialist, installation and design consultancy 4eco Ltd specified Kingspan Renewables’ HP200 Thermomax vacuum tube collectors, which now deliver up to 70 percent of the residents’ annual hot water needs, whilst drastically reducing their energy costs and carbon emissions.


Comments 4eco Operations Director Robin Barrett: “Sustainability was at the heart of this project from the outset. We wanted to positively enhance the neighbourhood with the best sustainable housing design and specification, whilst adhering to the strict criteria laid out in the Code. We opted for Thermomax vacuum tubes simply because they are the best! In fact, the high levels of efficiency and performance they deliver per metre squared actually meant that we needed fewer collectors compared to other brands. The pricing was also extremely competitive.”


Specifically tailored for Northern European climates, Thermomax vacuum tubes allow energy from the sun to be collected efficiently and effectively. They deliver an unrivalled transfer of this energy to heat so that hot water is always readily available. The vacuum inside each tube provides perfect insulation by protecting the system from outside influences, such as cold, wet or windy weather, resulting in quality performance all-year-round.


Thermomax vacuum tubes are both fast and simple to install due to their unique ‘plug and play’ design and are perfect for flexible building integration. “Despite a number of roofs not being in the optimum south-facing orientation, using Thermomax tubes meant that this was not an issue, as collectors remained highly effective even on East and West facing roofs,” continues Robin. “The fact that we opted for Heat Pipe vacuum tubes also meant that we could rely on their unique temperature limitation safety device, which acts as a safety net against overheating. This provides real peace of mind on a domestic project of this size.” 


Kingspan Renewables Managing Director Cameron Holroyd adds: “To meet Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, around 20-25% of the energy for a home’s space and water heating has to come from a renewable source. Not only do Thermomax vacuum tubes represent a truly effective solution that’s ideal for these climes, they are 30% more effective than traditional flat plate panels. We’re delighted they have helped create an award-winning sustainable solution for St Catherines Mews.”


Thermomax solar thermal vacuum tube collectors are available as part of a complete solar package solution from Kingspan Renewables. Tailored to deliver top performance and ultimate results, these include the highest level of customer support from initial advice, through to customised design, installation by Kingspan Solar Accredited Installers, final commissioning and technical support.

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