Sculptural Spectral Luminaire Dazzles With Sinusoidal Wave Form

With the concept premiering in Frankfurt, earlier this year, Spectral has now announced the immediate availability of its new rule-bending LED luminaire, SINUS. The stylised SINUS takes its inspiration from sinusoidal wave forms and its smooth undulations result in an elegant sculptural fitting, perfect for areas requiring a feature piece that doesn’t compromise on performance or efficiency.

The five flowing profiles rise and fall side-by-side and combine three downlight and two uplight runs, creating the wave-like structure. Each of the five profiles act as a heatsink for the 120 LEDs, which are mounted along the runs. SINUS has a combined output of 6500lm and is suspended by Spectral’s trademark cabling which doubles up as the power supply.

“As people debated whether LED was ready for the masses at Light and Building, we dazzled crowds with SINUS,” says Mike Attard, Managing Director at Spectral UK. “The team in the Spectral factory has been creating design-driven fittings for some time now and is well skilled at combining them with the best performing LED technologies. SINUS takes our popular H-PROFIL system one step further with its waveform aesthetic and generated a lot of interest in Frankfurt.” The uplight components on SINUS can be adapted to include RGB colour changes, offering added design options for a variety of settings. Spectral is shipping the first of the SINUS designs as a complete lighting solution but the factory also has the capacity to create bespoke specials and incorporate additional LED components as required. Launched as one particular configuration, the concept offers scope for endless variations of specials. Shapes and versions can be drawn up on 3D CAD to meet the creative demands of designers.

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