Scotland first for Kingspan super-panel

Kingspan’s latest answer to fast-track construction, a 2 metre wide insulated roof and wall panel, available in lengths of up to 20 metres, is catching on north of the border, following a successful roofing installation in Glasgow.

The Kingspan KS2000 RW trapezoidal profiles panel can further reduce project installation time, retaining all the benefits of the Kingspan KS1000 RW panel while greatly increasing the rate of coverage. 

KS1000 RW has been a staple of the building industry over the last 30 years, providing cost-effective, energy-efficient wall and roofing envelopes in countless building projects.  The KS2000 RW panel looks set to emulate its forerunner’s success, with an increasing number of projects in the UK and Ireland utilizing the panel’s double helping.

For Glasgow roofing specialist, Reid Roof Ltd, KS2000 RW’s first installation in Scotland was also a first for the company.  Managing Director, Mark Reid explained: “We’ve used other Kingspan panels many times but we’d not installed the 2 metre panels before.  With this particular project we had a logistical challenge in reaching the roof to do the installation and were hiring an expensive specialist crane, so our priority was to get the job done safely, quickly and efficiently as possible. 

“With double the cover, the KS2000 RW was exactly what we needed and we managed to get 1,200m2 of roofing installed with just 74 lifts over an eight hour period. 
“We were very pleased with the result and I think this is going to be the way forward: using less manual handling and going to mechanical handling.  Because we managed to halve our installation time, we now calculate that we can install 5,000m2 in a week and that’s a great advance.”

KS2000 RW insulated panels are designed for use with mechanical handling equipment.  They are suitable for most roof & wall applications, are available in a secret fix option and are ideal for industrial units, commercial, retail, leisure, education and healthcare.  In line with HSE and CDM guidelines for those working at height, KS2000 RW roofing panels provide an instant and safe supporting surface during both installation and maintenance.

The panels are manufactured to BRE Green Guide Specification ‘A+’; have an ECOsafe insulation core containing no CFC’s or HCFC’s with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and are available in FIREsafe LPCB insurer-approved form for assured fire performance.  They are also fibre-free, removing the risk of loose fibres being released and causing irritation.  Longevity is assured and backed with the Kingspan Total Panel Guarantee, offering up to 25 years thermal and structural performance protection.

Kingspan also manufacture the Tile Support insulated panel system in two metre wide panels.

Kingspan Insulated Panels produces both standard and tailor–made designs including ancillary components such as rainscreens, gutterings, louvres and flashings, as well as fall restraint systems such as Kingspan Saferidge and Safetraxx.

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