Schueco has comprehensive portfolio of mechatronic systems

Windows that open and close automatically in response to factors such as temperature or the concentration of CO2 can enhance the working environment within a building and improve its overall energy efficiency, according to Schueco UK Limited whose exclusive range of TipTronic mechatronic fittings is amongst the most comprehensive in the UK.

TipTronic-enabled Schueco AWS windows are operated by concealed electric motors activated by a multi-function push-button on the handle or a wall-mounted switch or by remote control. The windows can also be linked to a central management system to become part of an 'intelligent building' where automation, energy management, security and design are combined together for optimum operational efficiency.

Equally suitable for commercial projects or private homes, up to 30 TipTronic-enabled windows can be operated simultaneously with a group controller. They are available in a variety of opening types: top- and side-hung outward opening, side-hung, bottom-hung, tilt-turn inward opening and horizontal pivot opening, so ensuring that architects are given maximum design freedom.

Schueco AWS windows fitted with TipTronic controls have narrow face widths and offer security up to Class 2 EN V 1627. The width of opening and its duration can be programmed for each individual window, allowing ventilation to be exactly controlled. A standard anti-fingertrap feature, which reverses the closing action in case of obstruction, ensures safe operation at all times.

TipTronic-enabled windows are also ideally suited to be part of a SHEVS smoke and heat exhaust system, providing an 800 mm opening in less than 60 seconds.

In addition to programming a window to open and close in response to temperature or the level of CO2, a TipTronic installation can be used as a form of natural night-time ventilation, effectively cooling the building without the need to employ an energy-hungry air-conditioning system. As well as saving money and energy, this significantly increases the well-being, motivation and productivity of personnel in the mornings.

Full details of all Schueco TipTronic systems may be obtained from the Marketing Department, Schueco UK Limited, Whitehall Avenue, Kingston, Milton Keynes, MK10 0AL. Tel: 01908 282111; e-mail:

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