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Barsinghausen / Tuebingen, January 2011. SCHOLLGLAS was founded in Germany in 1969. In the meantime, the group includes approximately 1,500 employees and 20 production sites, as well as advisory and sales offices at home and abroad. This makes the SCHOLLGLAS Group one of the leading, independent companies in the sector of production, finishing and trading with all types of flat glass and it has maintained good and intensive business relations.

Glass processing Glass is a thrilling building material with excellent combination possibilities. It offers high design versatility, but also demands special handling. The goal is to set glass design accents in the construction and architecture sectors. Product diversity and extraordinary ideas therefore push the limits of feasibility.

The SCHOLLGLAS product range covers the full spectrum of energy saving high-tech insulating glass for windows and façades, all the way to special solutions in line with demand in the sector of renewable energies. Quite rightly so, no company can ignore the topic areas of sustainability and energy efficiency in the meantime. SCHOLLGLAS has already established itself here with its products for decades. Triple heat insulating glasses with energy optimised thermal edge bond system are part of the range as a matter of course. The whole bandwidth of modern, multifunctional insulating glass, including sun and heat protection, but also with noise insulation or increased burglary protection contributes to more quality of life. Because no building material satisfies peoples‘ elementary needs for daylight and visual contact with the environment beyond the building envelope like glass. Not only the insulating glass demand is being met but also the increasing demand in the sectors of safety glass is being served with heat-strengthened glass (GEWE- tvg®), toughened glass (GEWE-dur® / GEWE-dur® –H) or laminated safety glass (GEWE-safe®/ GEWE-composite®). In addition, glass offers a versatile design spectrum for surfaces so that attractive sensory impressions and at the same time architecturally exciting pictures are created on and in the building (GEWE®- art).

Individually developed, technically elaborate innovations are a constant of SCHOLLGLAS.

Glass construction Creating complete works of art from glass according to ideas from architects, principals and planning offices is the specialist field of Glasfischer Glastechnik GmbH. The competence is founded in more than 140 years of experience and continuous innovations in the sector of glass. Effective collaboration with customers and suppliers, as well as solving the set tasks and requirements are the greatest strengths. Glasfischer Glastechnik with its locations in Hanover and Berlin takes on a leading role in the regional as well as supraregional markets. Glass construction is also a regular initiator and yardstick for the development work undertaken by SCHOLLGLAS Group. Continuous technology and knowledge transfer and the resulting synergies enable SCHOLLGLAS economic processing of projects of any order of magnitude. In addition to energy saving high-tech insulating glass, façades, furniture and interior construction completions, as well as design objects, play a significant role today.

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