Schiedel Air - Advanced chimney technology in action.

Schiedel has now introduced Schiedel Air – the Chimney System that will enable you to have a real fire in an air-tight energy efficient house.

Research has shown that most people want a real fire at the heart of their home. With the drive towards energy efficiency the dilemma has been how to achieve this goal in an in an air-tight house. The answer lies in the installation of an energy efficient appliance, like a stove and an advanced chimney system.

Schiedel Air is a sealed system – delivering the combustion air directly to the appliance form outside the house and safely transporting the flue gases to the atmosphere.

No air is taken from inside the house and most importantly heated air is not lost up the chimney. The superior insulation in the chimney allows flue gases to escape freely to the atmosphere even at low temperatures.

The combination of this advanced chimney technology and an efficient wood burning appliance can give you the best of both worlds - an energy efficient house with lower carbon emissions and the enjoyment of a real fire.

Schiedel air is suitable for stoves, inserts and pellet boilers.

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