Say Goodbye to Noisy Ventilation

Harrogate based ventilation manufacturer, EnviroVent has launched the Silent MV – the world’s quietest in-line duct fan range in their class.

Easy to install and maintain, the Silent MV creates a quantum leap forward in technology to improve the acoustic performance of up to 12 dB (A) compared with similar products on the market. Following extensive aerodynamic testing, EnviroVent has been able to not only reduce the amount of noise produced, but also ensure that the noise emitted is at a far lower frequency, providing a quiet and ambient environment.

Ultra quiet and versatile
The versatile, low profile helicocentrifugal in-line Silent MV fan range is ideal for small commercial and public spaces such as offices, hairdressers, and libraries. Due to its flexibility it can be used in a multitude of small and medium fan installations, including domestic applications. Especially advantageous in applications where the system may be running for long periods throughout the day, the acoustic benefits of the Silent MV fans ensure that optimum comfort is achieved without the disturbance of a noisy ventilation system.

The fans are fitted with sound absorbent insulation and an adjustable two speed motor. Complying with building regulations, the Silent MV fans are IP44 rated and feature a 360° rotating connection box. The Silent MV160/100 model also has an adjustable timer, so that after disconnection, shut off time can be delayed between one and 30 minutes. What’s more, the central body of the Silent MV can be easily dismantled from the connection to enable rapid maintenance, without the need to interfere with the ducting.

As the range is the result of intense research and development, and technological and economic investment, EnviroVent’s customers can be assured that the product range provides exceptional performance with significant noise reduction and a five year guarantee.

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