Say goodbye to dust sheets!

Following the success of Packexe Carpet Protector and through customer demand, Packexe has launched the next generation of floor protection. Packexe Hardfloor Protector has been developed for use on hard surfaces including wooden floor boards, stone and slate.

Packexe Hardfloor Protector provides the ultimate protection against the paint spillages, plastering debris, and footprints which are inevitable during building, renovations and decoration projects.

Packexe Hardfloor Protector is a strong, clear-plastic film which grips securely without shifting and provides a non-slip surface, even when wet. The film can be easily applied from the roll and simply peels away after use without leaving a sticky residue, to reveal floors free from dirt and damage. Eliminating the slippage and leakage problems associated with dust sheets, Packexe Hardfloor Protector is ideal for protecting newly laid surfaces in areas where building work is being carried out.

In addition to the new Hardfloor Protector, Packexe offers two other grades of self-adhesive protection film. Carpet Protector has a stronger adhesive which sticks securely to the pile of carpet, while Multi-Surface Protector is designed with a lighter adhesive for smooth surfaces such as windows, ceramic tiles and counter tops.

Further information can be obtained from Packexe on 01392 438191, e-mail or visit

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