Contour’s Eco-save energy and water saving mixer shower is the only thermostatic, pressure balancing, sustainable mixer shower on the market and has been designed to be the safest, anti-scald, value for money mixer shower available. Eco-save has undergone and passed rigorous WRAS approval and as such meets all government water bylaws.

NHS, DO8 & TMV3 approved, the smart design of this mixer compensates for fluctuation in incoming hot and cold water temperatures and/or pressure to stabilize the shower temperature, even if a tap is turned on in another room.

Eco-save has built in scald protection. If the cold water pressure fails, the thermostat will react and close the water flow entirely within 0.2 seconds to prevent any possibility of scalding. Wing shaped, easy to grasp controls allow for easy temperature selection for those with restricted hand use and an anti-tamper setting of 38° prevents the selection of unsafe temperatures.

With sustainability in mind, Eco-save has a 10 year temperature, stability and anti-calcification guarantee and, with a no built in obsolescence policy, replacement parts are available for 25 years.

By installing an Eco-save you can expect to achieve water and energy savings of up to 70%, reducing your carbon footprint and saving money while still allowing for an enjoyable showering experience. Eco-save is also 98% recyclable, thus minimising any adverse impact on the environment. The use of Eco-save will also help any organisation in achieving ISO14001 accreditation.

Enhanced tax relief can be claimed on the cost of Eco-save as, because the product is water and energy efficient, it has been included on the Governments list of products for use on the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme. The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme is a key part of the Government’s programme to manage climate change. It provides businesses with enhanced tax relief for investments in equipment that meets published energy-saving criteria.

Eco-save anti-legionella option available for low use situations. Using a combination of specially designed hose, with no dead leg loop, and a dump valve, the mixer completely dispels all water as the shower is switched off.

Eco-save is just one small innovation which compliments Contours range of easy access shower trays, shower enclosures and eco-friendly floor formers designed to enhance the independent lifestyle.

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