Save space inside your garage with a side-hinged garage door

When you are in the market for a garage door, it is all too easy to get distracted by the superficial elements; from colours and materials through to technical innovations, and not try to look for a garage door that will work for you. You might be using the garage for wood working, car maintenance, storage or even a home office, and your needs in terms of a garage door will therefore vary depending on what you are using your garage space for.

One of the often overlooked types of garage door is the side hinged garage door. Garador manufactures two styles of side hinged garage door, a steel version and a timber version and both styles are built around a galvanised steel box section chassis and are pre-mounted onto a steel frame making them easy to fit into your garage door opening. Garador have lots of steel door designs to choose from, so you can find a style of door and colour which matches or compliments your existing doors and windows. If you are after a timber side hinged garage door Garador also do a range of timber door designs and timber stain finishes too, so you can find something with windows or without, with 50/50 equal sized door leaves or without, with strips of cedar wood or crafted from a mixture of cedar and plywood.

A side hinged garage door is the perfect solution for a garage where space inside the garage is limited as these doors open outwards. The other benefit is that if there are any electrical boxes or lintels close to the door opening inside the garage, having the door open outwards means you don’t have to worry about finding a door that will fit around these obstructions. Having a side-hinged door that opens outwards away from the garage also means you can retain access to the ceiling space inside the garage, which would be more difficult to do with a sectional or retractable up & over door.

As the door opens and closes in a horizontal motion it means there is no need for gear tracks inside the garage as would be the case with a sectional door, or a large box at the head of the garage door opening, as would be the case with a roller door.

Side hinged doors are a much simpler design when compared to other types of garage door, with less moving parts and there’s also less noise from a side hinged door as you don’t have the tracks and gearing mechanism to open and close the garage door.

Find out more about Garador’s side hinged garage door range, visit or visit your nearest Garador stockist for a Garador brochure.

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