Satirical City Launch Party

Satirical City opened with an appropriately high-spirited launch party. Ken Livingstone, caricatured in many of the images on show, was there to share a few words. He was also able to clear his outstanding debt of six pints of London Pride beer. As Cartoonist Laureate, a role in which Rowson lampoons the elected mayor, one pint of beer should have been paid to Rowson for each year the London Mayor was in office. The contract still stands but we hear Boris Johnson has yet to pay up!

Satirical City, features almost 120 London cartoons and a mural by editorial cartoonist Martin Rowson. Filled with humour and poignancy, the show captures some of the historical moments and big issues to affect the capital over the last 15 years. Find out what obscure debt was owed and learn more about this fascinating exhibition to celebrate the London Communications Agency's 15th year.

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