The Saniflo range of products has achieved an excellent reputation for solving plumbing problems when gravity drainage is too difficult or too expensive to install. The wide range of Saniflo products has also gained recognition for the quality of the product range coupled with competitive pricing.

Sanivite is one of the pumps from the domestic range. The compact pump is usually housed in a kitchen unit but can also be concealed behind a demountable panel, provided that it can be readily accessed if required.

The Sanivite unit is specially designed to deal with hot soapy pumped waste water from dishwasher or washing machine, and makes the addition of a domestic kitchen or utility room easy even when below or distant from a drain.

Sanivite overcomes the plumbing problems that accompany unusual locations because it is not reliant on traditional gravity drainage.

It is a powerful pump with four inlets for connection to sink or appliances. Waste water is pumped through 3 2mm small-bore pipework, vertically up to 5 metres or horizontally up to 50 metres or a lesser combination of both.

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