Sandtoft introduces new VPM Classic with integral sealing tapes

Following the recent changes to the British Standard for slating and tiling: BS 5534 Sandtoft, the roof brand of leading supplier of wall, roof and landscaping innovations, Wienerberger, has added a new version of its VPM Classic now with integral sealing tapes.

The VPM Classic has undergone rigorous testing with BRE, which confirmed that it can be used in all UK regions when laps are sealed.

The new version of the VPM Classic boasts integral sealing tapes, which will greatly increase the ease and speed of installation for the roofer whilst reducing the combined cost of underlay and tape compared to purchasing them separately.

The minimum performance requirements included in the new British Standard have been developed to determine the wind resistance of unsupported underlay and provide a region by region wind zone table that can be used to determine an underlay’s suitability for a given wind zone and batten gauge.

The new version of the Sandtoft VPM Classic has been added to Sandtoft’s range of underlays and roofing accessories, which also includes Sandtoft VPM Super.

Both products can be used nationally with all concrete and clay roof tiles and slates, and are suitable for both warm and cold roof designs on any roof shape and building.

To assist the installer, a zonal classification table will now be included on the VPM Classic and Super wrapping labels. This will provide the user with information on geographical zone suitability and maximum recommended batten spacings

Richard Bishop, Category Marketing Manager for Roof at Wienerberger, commented:

"We are delighted with the performance of the VPM Classic throughout the BRE’s thorough testing as the results show that we are able to support projects in every region across the UK.

Sealing underlay laps results in improved thermal performance, alongside making it easier and more affordable to install. As it is so quick and easy to seal the laps with the integral tape on the new VPM Classic, it is worthwhile doing it, whether required for uplift resistance or not."

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