Sampling times with Sadolin Superdec

With more than 300 shades on the colour card, specifiers are spoilt for choice when looking for the right hue with Sadolin Superdec.

Now it’s easier than ever to test out the wide-range of options available with the launch of a new 250ml sized can.

Over 260 shades can be produced in this sample pot size, enabling specifiers to see the complete picture before committing to a preferred colour scheme.

Sadolin Superdec is renowned for its comprehensive colour palette, as well as its outstanding protective qualities, which together make it one of the most popular ranges within the Sadolin brand for specifiers.

It also contracts and expands with the wood dependent on the weather, alleviating flaking and peeling.

This flexibility enables Sadolin Superdec to offer up to 8 years’ protection against the elements. 

Sadolin Superdec is also self-priming and undercoating, reducing the need for an extra product on new wood.  It also requires little preparation, and can be applied over previously decorated services.

As the product also offers a solid, paint like finish it is very forgiving and is therefore ideal for use on visually poorer quality timber surfaces, while its opaque qualities can help to hide timber imperfections.

Sharon Smith, Sadolin Brand Manager, said: “We are delighted to be able to launch many of the colours in the Sadolin Superdec range in this new, handy sampling size.

“Sadolin Superdec is synonymous with colour and now people can get a real flavour of how the shades look for their own projects.”

More information about the depth and range of colour opportunities in the Sadolin Superdec can be seen in a video ‘The Sadolin Colour Palette – Great Shades And Wood Protection As Standard.’ This short film goes more in-depth into the product’s attributes - and showcases the sheer range of colour options available.



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