Safety Seal Firm Roxtec UK Wins Multiple Nuclear Contracts

Bury based safety seal firm Roxtec has tripled its sales in the nuclear sector in the last twelve months.

Swedish owned Roxtec's products will be used to protect cabling and pipes against fire, gas and water at nuclear power generation plants, research facilities and military establishments in the UK.

The seals, which are resistant to radiation, have been used to seal power cables and utility systems into new and decommissioned buildings and have also sealed data and telecoms cables into such areas as data rooms.

Roxtec has also been used to protect equipment by supplying its EzEntry (tm) products - which protects against water, dust and vibration - to seal cables entering into control systems for a major nuclear establishment.

Internationally, Roxtec has signed deals to provide a range of products to new nuclear power projects in China. Working with China National Power Engineering Co, the company has secured contracts to supply the Taishan Nuclear Power Stations 1 & 2 in Guangdong. In Unit 2 Roxtec is to be used in the main structure of the reactor island, forming part of a compartmentalised fire protection system.

Roxtec will be supplying products for further nuclear reactors in the Hongyanhe River, Yangjiang and Ningde projects.

Roxtec has also won a contract to work with nuclear giant Areva for the Olkiluoto 3 (OL3) project in Finland, which when complete will be the biggest nuclear reactor in the world. Roxtec has received a 'Top Supplier' award from Areva Nuclear Power for this project, meeting 25 separate criteria including quality, sustainable development, nuclear safety, values, R&D and competitiveness.

The seals are vital in the containment of electrical fires and can also protect against flood and air releases.

Graham O'Hare, managing director of Roxtec UK, said the company is excited about expanding its work into the nuclear sector.

"Roxtec UK has only recently entered the nuclear sector and the company is very pleased with the success so far. This is a massive market for us and we are excited to be building up relationships with key businesses in the nuclear sector.

"We are very confident about the future as we are currently working on 11 different UK projects. Roxtec UK will continue to look at ways of expanding and building up contacts across various key sectors, and we are particularly keen to speak to nuclear business to discuss the benefits of working together."

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