Sadolin offers the best solution for interior flooring projects

Superior woodcare range Sadolin steps beyond the standard in quality, innovation and heritage when it comes to flooring projects indoors.

The brand offers specifiers a variety of products that deliver the best solution underfoot.

Products include Sadolin PV67 Heavy Duty Varnish, which is ideal for wooden floors in high traffic areas.

Renowned for its ease of application and beautiful looks, Sadolin PV67 has a fast-drying formula which enables up to three coats to be applied in one day.

It is available in a choice of gloss or satin finish and offers a scratch and slip resistant finish, providing both outstanding aesthetics and safety performance.

These attributes make Sadolin PV67 the ideal choice for commercial and domestic areas and it is often used on floors in sports halls, dance halls but can also be used on heavy duty wooden work surfaces, such as bar tops.

Another well-regarded product is Sadolin Polyurethane Floor Varnish - a non-yellowing translucent varnish ideal for interior wooden floors.

This product offers all the benefits of a water borne varnish, including low odour, as well as a quick drying formulation and a fast recoat time. The inclusion of combined polymer chemistry gives additional benefits including a tough, hard wearing finish and an easy to clean surface.

Finally Sadolin Floor Oil is the ideal choice to create a natural look to interior wooden flooring, with a low odour, quick-drying and water resistant formulation. This high quality product is designed to enhance the natural protection of all oil finished wooden floors.

Sadolin offers a range of videos to enable viewers to explore the individual qualities of its range of interior floor finishes.

Each of the Sadolin floor products has its own video which can be viewed on the product pages of the Sadolin website or on the Sadolin Woodcare YouTube channel

Alternatively more in-depth details of application can be seen in Episode 5 of the established ‘This Is Sadolin’ series, entitled ‘Caring For Interior Floors’, all presented by Sean Thompson, Sadolin’s Woodcare Expert.

Sean said: “Sadolin is renowned for protecting wood outdoors and those same qualities apply for interior flooring systems.

“We have a range of exceptional products which offer the level best in protection and aesthetics for floors.”

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