Saazs creative laboratories and Quantum Glass ™ present “matieres a chaud”, a brand-new collection of transparent glass radiators designed by 5.5 designers

Saazs Creative Laboratories and Quantum Glass ™ present “Matieres a Chaud”, a brand-new collection of transparent glass radiators designed by 5.5 designers

On behalf of Saazs, 5.5 designers examined the potential of THERMOVIT Elegance from QUANTUM GLASS™ – transparent panels of active glass, capable of heating an interior without energy loss.

This research resulted in 12 new generation radiators. A combination of hi-tech and aesthetic design, these prototypes, from a collection called «Matières à Chaud» (Hot Materials), are exclusively presented for the first time at A Glass House, ahead of their official launch at the Milan Furniture Fair in April.


At the intersection of technological and intangible innovation, the «Matières à Chaud» reinterprets an essential household object: the radiator.

Combined with wood, steel and marble, 5.5 designers transform THERMOVIT Elegance transparent heating glass into a medium for artificial landscapes, to which colours and materials lend their poetry. In a formal language based on simplicity, the radiator exceeds its function as a machine and becomes an attractive object. A creative object whose technological performance becomes secondary to its aesthetic appeal.

«Matières à Chaud» is therefore an extension of Saazs’s remit, to reveal through art and design the perspectives offered by QUANTUM GLASS™ active glass. This is a practical way of encouraging a hi-tech product to communicate on an emotional level.



THERMOVIT Elegance is a range of active glass panels which produce a very effective radiating heat providing exceptional comfort.

THERMOVIT Elegance therefore represents an elegant heating system available in transparent or mirror glass panels to be incorporated into the design of a space or built into radiators, towel dryer, anti-condensation mirror (KINON, SAAZS, etc.).

Whether invisible or a designer object, THERMOVIT Elegance panels come in three standard dimensions corresponding to three different levels of power.

Technological benefits:

• Optimum return: 100% of the electrical energy consumed is returned in the form of heat

• No need for home automation or transformers for perfect functioning

• Adjustable aesthetics and functionality:

- Visual neutrality and graphic elegance

- Infinite possibilities for customizing radiators, mirrors, towel dryers and architectural applications.

- An end to:

o draughts, risks of allergy,

o drying of the ambient air

o maintenance

o pipework, radiators, boilers

• “Plug & Play” installation

• Reliable technology, tried and tested over more than six years

• International network of certified installers

About 5.5 designers:

5.5 designers is a design research and consultancy firm founded in 2003 by Vincent Baranger, Jean-Sébastien Blanc, Anthony Lebossé and Claire Renard. The four designers met while studying at the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts Appliquée et de Métier d’Art” (ENSAAMA) in Paris.

Their first project, Réanim, which led to the «medicine of objects», marked the start of their rise in the design world.

They currently live and work in Paris, and are taking on an increasing number of projects with major brands.

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