Rustic pavers add bundles of charm

Clay pavers are widely acknowledged to impart a quality feel to both big and small landscaping projects; it is their natural clay appearance with powerful permanent colours and minor variations that create this quality look. Ketley Brick, famous for their Staffordshire Blue Bricks and Pavers for over 100 years, goes a big step further with their Rustic range of pavers, adding an instant well established feel with more subtle colour variations and individual textures. There is increasing demand for less regimented worn looking landscaping products and Ketley Staffordshire Rustic pavers add the desired instant character, while retaining all the benefits of colour permanence and durability of clay paving.

Ketley Staffordshire Blue Brindle Rustic pavers are being extensively used on the Grand Union Canal, between Victoria Park and The City basin, this 7 mile stretch is being redeveloped in a project linked to the Olympics. These pavers were chosen as they blend in perfectly with the environment and offer tried and tested performance for the demanding requirements of canal towpaths.

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