Russia warms to steam free mirrors

A niche business in Cobham, Surrey, now exports 60% of their products.   Latest example is their trade with Russia where the Aquaton company is Russia’s largest manufacturer of bathroom furniture.  30,000 British-made demista™ heated mirror pads have so far been used in Aquaton’s fitted vanity units.

Ruth and David Perl of R & D Marketing Limited (demista™) met the Aquaton management at the Mosbuild trade show in Moscow in 2008.   “They were tremendously interested in our products,” said David Perl.   Since then, orders delivered to Aquaton’s manufacturing plant in the Moscow region have increased steadily.

The heated mirror pads keep the mirror free of condensation however steamy the bathroom.   Aquaton fit them behind the mirrors of their extensive range of fitted bathroom furniture.   Various sizes of demista™ are supplied.   Amongst many other market sectors, bathroom furniture manufacturers and hotels worldwide are supplied by R & D Marketing Limited (demista™ ).     The British-made demista™ range of heated mirror pads were the first products of this type to be put on the market. 

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