Rubber glove test demonstrates flexibility of Sadolin Superdec

A video showcasing the outstanding qualities of Sadolin Superdec uses a novel method to demonstrate the product’s flexibility.

Rubber gloves were painted in Sadolin Superdec and then after 16 hours drying time the gloves were stretched and manipulated to show how the product moves once it’s dry. 

Gloves that had been painted over two years ago are also featured to show that even after a lengthy period the product remains flexible.

Such qualities mean Sadolin Superdec can move with wood, contracting and expanding when the weather is either cold or hot, removing the issue of flaking or peeling.  With this benefit Sadolin Superdec offers up to 8 years protection against the elements. 

Sadolin Superdec is unique as it is self-priming and undercoating, reducing the need of an extra product on new wood.  It also requires little preparation, and can be applied over previously decorated services.

As the product also offers a solid, paint like finish it is very forgiving and is therefore ideal for use on visually poorer quality timber surfaces. 

Furthermore, where a translucent stain can sometimes highlight blemishes, Sadolin Superdec as an opaque stain can help to hide timber imperfections.

The video can be viewed at by clicking the image above or visit

Sharon Smith, Sadolin Brand Manager, said: “Sadolin Superdec is one of our most popular ranges within the Sadolin brand for specifiers. 

"This is due to all the benefits highlighted above and how remarkably easy it is to use.

“With over 300 shades available in the colour palette, stunning colour combinations can be selected and at the same time specifiers have the reassurance of the very best in wood protection.”

As well as the short glove test video, another film, entitled ‘The Sadolin Colour Palette – Great Shades And Wood Protection As Standard’ goes more in-depth into the product’s attributes - and showcases the sheer range of colour opportunities available.

The video is available to viewby clicking the image above, on the Sadolin website at or on the Sadolin Woodcare YouTube channel at

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