Roxtec seals deal with £200m research laboratory

Bury based international safety seal manufacturer Roxtec has completed a contract to supply the new £200m Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) building in Cambridge, one of the leading research centres in the world.

Work is due to complete on the new building based on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus in 2012.

Roxtec’s managing director Graham O’Hare said the project was an enormously exciting one to work on and showcased Roxtec’s specialist knowledge in the clean room sector.

“Research laboratories are always examining ways to improve safety and prevent leakage,” he said. "Biological containment laboratories are by their very nature hazardous. Roxtec's products help ensure that the services entering the clean or contained structure are properly airtight and sealed. At the LMB Roxtec is used to seal all cables, pipes and ducts entering the laboratories. Importantly Roxtec's seals are capable of maintaining a gas tight seal in both negative and positive pressure environments. Our products are further designed to be upgraded simply at any future point. This was a key benefit to the LMB team."

Mr O’Hare said Roxtec helped with both the design and installation of its products taking engineering headaches out of the project for the client. It further developed bespoke products to meet specific design requirements of the project.

“Our products were used in Containment Level 3 Rooms (CL3),” he said. “Moreover our seals can help maintain negative pressure as well as seal against common fumigants.  Our ability to seal all services entering the contained rooms, cable, pipe and ductwork with one system was also an important factor.”

Mr O'Hare added Roxtec is actively targeting the clean room sector for more work having completed a number of contracts in the sector.

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