Roto TSH 20 – New hardware for casement windows

End-user convenience, a high level of security and state-of-the-art corrosion protection are three of the qualities offered by Roto with its brand new TSH 20 hardware suite for outward-opening windows.

Suitable for top and side-hung sashes in PVC, aluminium and timber, the Roto TSH 20 programme includes a number of new features and advantages.

A unique aspect is the patented TurnPlus night-vent function. This feature enables the user to select the ventilation mode easily. From the closed position, the handle is turned 135 degrees. This engages the cams in the correct position and all the user then has to do is push the sash outwards. The need to manually locate the night-vent slots is eliminated.

TSH 20 will be the choice for clients making or specifying enhanced security windows to comply with standards such as BS 7950 and the forthcoming European norms.

Although nominally a shootbolt system, the choice of extensions includes bespoke corner pieces, which offer the possibility to make windows with cams on the sash edges instead of shootbolts. Sash sizes from 320 to 1800mm are possible.

To complement the new TSH 20 suite, Roto is releasing the TSH 10 range of standard espagnolettes. These also feature the TurnPlus night-vent option and are available in seven different sizes, covering an application range from 150 to 1800mm.

Both TSH 20 and TSH 10 are available in backsets of 20 and 22mm and cam heights of 8 and 9.5mm.

All of these new Roto products provide fabricators with the capability of making larger windows than possible with previous systems.

The metallic elements of Roto TSH are finished with a surface coating giving proven corrosion protection to Class 5 of BS EN 1670, the maximum level covered by the standard.

The silver appearance of the coated metal surfaces contrasts with the matt black of the durable glass-reinforced nylon components, giving the new hardware a strong, modern look that will complement windows of any material or colour.

The Roto TSH 20 suite is available to order now.

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