Roto Three-Mode Lock Approved by NHBC

Roto’s Vareo H567 door lock has been approved by the National House-Building Council (NHBC). The Roto product meets all relevant requirements, including those defined in the latest NHBC Standards Update, published in April 2010. This means a door secured with Vareo H567 can be used for all dwellings, be they houses or apartments, with or without a communal access area.

The lock has thee modes:

Egress – Quick exit without key. When locked in this mode, the door is fully secure on the outside, but can be opened immediately from inside by depressing the handle. Even if the key is not in the lock, the householder can leave the house unhindered in an emergency.

Secure – Deadlocking mode, with key required to exit. This is the full security mode, used for situations such as preventing unwanted egress by children, or when leaving the home unoccupied (a requirement of Secured By Design).

Passing – An ease-of-access mode, allowing the door to be opened from both sides. This mode is useful for a variety of situations such as when bringing in several items of shopping, or going briefly outside.

Another feature of Vareo H567 is keyless lift-lever locking. When leaving the property, one lift of the lever is all that is needed to deadlock the door. The key is required only for unlocking.

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