Roto Declares Fensterbau 2010 a Success

Roto have reported strong interest at fensterbau/frontale 2010, with an increase in visitor numbers of over 10% compared with 2008. The hardware manufacturer also noted a rise in the number of international delegates from all continents.

Roto’s 75th anniversary was used as a reason to show how the German-owned firm has sustained its position as an originator and innovator in window and door hardware.

The theme, Zukunft hat Herkunft (“the future has an origin”) gave the stand a narrative, beginning with an exhibit of a timber window from the 1930s geared with the original tilt and turn system. There were some other examples of the evolution of hardware, although the vast majority of exhibits were from Roto’s present, pointing the way toward the future for the industry.

On a stand featuring several brand new products and technical innovations, the visual highlight was a large window demonstrating the NT ‘PowerHinge’, a new system enabling fully-functioning tilt and turn sashes of up to 200 kg to be constructed. The window on display, a fully-glazed timber unit two metres wide and three metres high, towered over even the tallest of visitors and quickly became an attraction for photographers.

Although other tilt and turn developments were on display in aluminium and PVC windows, Roto door and patio product ranges were featured just as prominently. This included the Eneo electronic door locking system and the Patio Life sliding door system incorporating a brand new flush-folding handle, allowing two sashes to slide past one other.

It was difficult to say for sure which exhibit attracted the most attention, but many at Roto considered it to be the Vareo H567 door lock. One of the latest additions to the DoorSafe range, this lift-lever multipoint lock was designed primarily for the UK market. However, it has attracted an unexpected level of attention from worldwide customers, all of whom appreciated both the convenience of its keyless lift-to-lock action and the versatility afforded by the three-mode functionality.

The Roto brand has always been about more than just hardware components: the firm emphasises its customer support credentials and presents itself to clients as a partner for mutual development. Interactive displays at Fensterbau promoted the CCS (“Customer Consulting Services”) support programme, which incorporates training, engineering and data software provision.

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