Roto awarded ‘Top Employer’ status

Roto has been awarded ‘Top Employer’ status by the CRF Institute in its annual survey, placing the door and window hardware manufacturer on its list of the 100 best employers in Germany.

The CRF Institute is a Netherlands-based organisation, formed in 1991 under the name Corporate Research Foundation by a joint initiative of academics, business journalists, trade associations, researchers and international publishers. Its objective is to offer independent assessment of companies’ HR policies and practices.

The Institute carries out objective, fact-based research using its own methodology in order to assess all aspects of HR management. It examines areas such as pay and benefits, training and development, career opportunities, working conditions and company culture.

‘Top Employer’ lists are compiled by the CRF in twelve territories, including Brazil, China and South Africa as well as several countries in Europe.

Those firms selected to be in the top hundred in their country are allowed to carry the ‘Top Employer’ logo on their literature for the year.

The management team at Roto considers its employees to be central to its aim of maintaining its position as leader in product development and service. Leonhard Braig, Technical Director at Roto Frank AG in Stuttgart, says, “Our staff is the decisive factor".

Roto has previously been listed in Germany’s ‘Top Employer’ survey for 2007. This latest achievement in 2011 places Roto in the company of German brand names such as Bosch and Siemens Household Appliances, Deutsche Bank and E-ON, as well as the German subsidiaries of Amazon, Olympus Cameras and Vodafone.

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