Root House Goes to Ground

Peterborough-based architects PDG were delighted to win the Technical Innovation and Sustainable Construction category at the Peterborough Design Awards 2010 with the Root House.

The brief for the project was to convert an outbuilding on a farm to a fully sustainable level, using energy efficient materials and installations and using local builders. The simple internal layout belies the eco-credentials that include sheep’s wool insulation in the roof and internal thermal lining for the solid external walls. 

As there was no gas supply to the property, an alternative heat source was required. With space available on the farm for the ground loops, Nu-Heat’s Nibe 1240 ground source heat pump was integrated with Nu-Heat’s underfloor heating, resulting in a system with a low temperature flow system with a high Coefficient of Performance.

The renovation took around 8 months and resulted in a contemporary 4 bedroom dwelling providing accommodation for the farmer’s son and his family, enabling them to continue assisting on the farm whilst enjoying the comfort and energy efficient benefits of this eco-home. 

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