Room with a view Sunparadise’ new Thermoslide80 sliding door system

Make the most of panoramic views from your home with the help of Swiss aluminium glazing specialist Sunparadise’ stunning new Thermoslide80 (TS80). This sliding door system is so advanced it has been specifically engineered so extremely large aluminium glass panels will move effortlessly across the widest elevation, leaving you with a maximised, unrestricted scene to enjoy.

The innovative TS80 not only looks seamless in any large opening but it is also incredibly thermally efficient. So, for example, in frosty weather it will perform perfectly to keep all the heat in and the cold out to leave you feeling cosy, thanks to an ultra sophisticated design of thermally broken and insulated aluminium profiles.

But what makes this sliding door system unique is its extendable pressure seal. Keith Ingham, Director of Sunparadise UK, explains: “Our Swiss engineers have developed a secondary seal, concealed with the panel, top and bottom. When the doors are closed, a handle can be turned which extends a unique, internal, telescopic pressure seal from the top and bottom of each panel. This squeezes tight against the top and bottom tracks creating a superb draught-proof seal making the product suitable in the most extreme and exposed environments.”

Thanks to Sunparadise, you are spoilt for choice with a large variety of finishes and different internal or external colours with standard or colour-matched ironmongery options to complete your scheme. And don’t forget, you can pick double or triple-glazed versions and even request in-glazed blinds for the perfect finishing touch.

Sunparadise’ impressive portfolio includes frameless, sliding doors and their unique stacking doors system, all of which will create the ultimate wow factor in every home. What’s more, all products are thermally efficient and incorporate eco-conscious solutions.

Take a look at Sunparadise’ brand new and improved website, which includes stunning images and everything you’ll need to create an open-plan aspect in your home, making your dream of a room with a stunning view, a reality.

Construction: Thermally broken aluminium.
Insulation: Uw value of 1.4 (W=1.4k/m2).
Glazing: Toughened or laminated, double or triple-glazed low E-units, all glass types up to 62mm thick possible. In-glazed blinds are available.
Frame finish: Polyester powder coater or anodised, with a wide range of colours available and the option for different finishes inside and out.
Ironmongery: Black, white, grey or satin finish. Colour matched also available.
Panel width: Maximum 3000mm; Panel height: Maximum 2,800mm; Panel thickness: 80mm.
Maximum weight: 400kg.
Security: Multipoint locking with high security cylinder locks.

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