Room Sets Feature in Showroom Refurb

-- “Not just tiles” is key to success in credit crunch

With the credit crunch meaning more and more people are currently renovating their existing homes instead of moving, a leading London tile supplier is displaying its products in a different way to ensure customers make a more informed choice.

It is also paying dividends for Carvall Group Ltd in the form of increased sales.

The company has completely refurbished the 3,500 square foot showroom at its head office in Tottenham by creating 17 “room sets,” including wetrooms and bathrooms, which display and demonstrate essential tile protection and finishing products from market leader Schlüter-Systems.

Around 25 Schlüter products from its extensive ranges of floor and wall profiles and matting systems are displayed in the room sets and have led to Carvall increasing its sales and turnover. Retail Sales Director Robert Carvall says they find that customers more readily buy a product if they can see how it actually looks in an installation and can understand what it does and how it works.

“It’s proving to be absolutely priceless for us to display Schlüter-Systems’ products in these room sets so that customers can see how installations look if they’re done properly. Many customers just don’t realise what is available in the market place for them to finish and protect their tiles, not only to make them look good now but also to keep them looking good in years to come.

“Customers need their retailer to advise them. So retailers which only display tiles are not providing the best service to their customers and could even be harming the tile industry in the long term. If an installation fails through lack of proper protection the customer will not use tiles again and will not recommend tiles to friends. The key to success in the credit crunch is to display the full tiling package and not just the tiles.”

Carvall Group Ltd does a lot of business through word of mouth recommendation which Robert Carvall is expecting to increase thanks to the new look showroom. “Even something as simple as the corner pieces for the Schlüter®-QUADEC and Schlüter®-RONDEC profiles are selling better now that people can see exactly how they look on the tiles. Many customers weren’t even aware they existed until they saw them in our showroom displays, but even those who did know about them couldn’t visualise how they would look just by seeing them in a packet.”

He says in several cases people had been planning to buy the usual PVC trim, but opted for the more decorative profiles such as chrome and stainless steel when they saw from the room set how the whole system would look. “Customers come in with a firm idea of what they want but will buy considerably more when they see what is available and how it looks. They are particularly impressed when they see the corner pieces that go with many of the Schlüter profiles.”

As well as the room sets showing a range of wall and floor finishing and protection profiles, glass panels in the floor show the uncoupling membrane Schlüter®-DITRA and the sound insulation membrane Schlüter®-DITRA-SOUND under the tiles.

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