Rooflight dome glazing options

At DVS we are absolutely passionate about daylight and we work very closely with architects to ensure the desired levels of daylight, solar protection, heat & noise insulation are achieved when specifying our rooflights.


Our F100 rooflights have such a comprehensive range of glazing options that we can always offer a solution to achieve even the most demanding specifications.


We offer our F100 rooflights with the following main glazing options:


  • Double layer domed glazing.
  • Triple layer domed glazing.
  • Quadruple layer domed glazing.
  • Double layer domed glazing with 16mm 6-ply multi-wall polycarbonate.
  • Double layer insulation glazing (glass).


Each of these glazing options has its own unique attributes, and these are detailed below:


Glazing specification

Heat transmittance (glazing only) Ug

Sound index Rw, P

Light transmittance

Double layer dome

2.6 W/m²K



Triple layer dome

1.9 W/m²K



Quadruple layer dome

1.6 W/m²K



Double layer dome
with 16mm 6-ply polycarbonate

1.3 W/m²K



Double glazed glass

1.1 W/m²K




All of our domed glazing options can be supplied either clear or opal. We usually recommend opal glazing, as it provides a more evenly distributed natural daylight which is dazzle free. Rooflight domes have "self-cleaning" properties, mainly due to the excellent water run-off from the domed glazing, but opal glazing makes for an even lower maintenance rooflight as any (inevitable) dirt/debris is much less noticeable, particularly useful if the rooflight is being installed onto a roof with difficult or no access.


The quoted heat transmittance values above, relate to the glazing only and therefore do not reflect the overall thermal performance of the entire rooflight. We also supply fully verified total rooflight U-values which are calculated according to the internationally recognised standard EN ISO 10077-2:2009 and this takes into account the glazing, frame profile, the upstand and area to give the complete U-value of the product. For a detailed explanation on rooflight U-values, please also read our news article: Uw - the value which really counts. Our triple layer F100 rooflight dome supplied with our 300mm high insulated upstand for a roof opening size of 1000x1000mm achieves a complete rooflight U-value of just: 1.1W/m²K refer to data sheet: F100 rooflight dome total U-value data-sheet.

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